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5 Tips for Keeping Kids Motivated During Online Learning

5 Tips for Keeping Kids Motivated During Online Learning

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This pandemic has brought in some significant changes in our life. As a result, online learning has become the new normal. However, motivating students for online learning is certainly not an easy task.

The biggest issue with remote learning is that you cannot perform all types of activities at home. Unlike traditional learning, kids are limited to bedroom desks and kitchen tables. There are no fun activities, mastering the monkey bars, navigating peer relationships and engaging in hands-on lessons.

According to many experts, for kids who are used to learning in a classical school setting, it can be quite a challenge to stay motivated during online lectures. Getting into the learning mindset at home is certainly hard, but it is not impossible. 

If you want to learn how to motivate kids during online learning, keep on reading…   

Online Learning – Potential Benefits

No two kids are the same. If one student likes the traditional learning setting, the other one might prefer the comfort of their home. So, it’s rational to ask, are there any advantages of online learning?

While keeping your children motivated during online learning is quite a challenge, this approach has dozens of benefits for both the parents and the children. Here are some of the most significant benefits of online learning:

  • Self-Paced Learning and Flexibility – Online learning provides an opportunity to learn according to your own timetable. Through this approach, you can get educated while working and growing professionally. Plus, there are no limits. You can learn as much as you want without paying thousands of bucks.
  • Self-Motivation – For some students, online learning might be challenging. However, by successfully earning your online certification, you indicate that you can practice better time management and are self-motivated, which are essential employability skills.
  • Better Technical Skills – Unfortunately, even in the 21st century, not many people know the basic knowledge of technology. This is because you don’t get many opportunities to use different gadgets and tools in a traditional learning setup. Alternatively, through online learning, you get opportunities to collaborate with virtual teams that can sharpen your technical skills and knowledge.

There are several factors that can affect the online learning process: from network connectivity to your environment. Therefore, if you want your little one to get the most out of an online lecture, you have to offer them the best learning environment by keeping them motivated.

5 Tips for Keeping Kids Motivated During Online Learning

Indeed, you cannot provide a traditional school setting at home. However, there are some things you can do to keep your remote learner stay engaged. Here are some online learning tips for students that will help them stay motivated:

1. Provide Encouragement and Frequent Feedback

Young kids require a supportive caregiver to encourage them to explore and take chances. If your little one does not really believe in remote learning, they won’t be able to get any knowledge. Therefore, you must encourage them by interacting with them.

Ask your kid questions about their education system. If your children are not feeling comfortable in their current environment, make some changes. Remember, conditions like support, time and resources are important in remote learning.

2. Establish Accountability and Incentivize Learning

Sometimes, best friends influence a kid’s life more than their own parents. So, if you cannot motivate and encourage your kid, maybe their best friends can. In that case, you should establish accountability and have them plan regular check-ins with their best friends over social media or texts.

Besides besties, rewards can also keep little ones motivated. However, with this approach, you have to be careful. Make sure your kids have actually earned their reward. Otherwise, you will end up in a nasty cycle. Link their treats with their achievements. For instance, if they finish one chapter, they can have half an hour of social media; for two chapters, 60 minutes, and so on. 

3. Reduce the Barriers to Connecting Online

Most students don’t feel comfortable participating in remote activities due to a lack of knowledge and confidence. In that scenario, you must offer them a comfortable environment and let them know you are always there for them. To do this, you can manage their expectations by demonstrating to them how quickly you will respond.

When it comes to online learning, there are several barriers, such as slow internet connection, lack of equipment and many more. If your kid does not have an electronic device to attend his/her lectures, they will surely lose interest in remote learning. Therefore, you must offer them all essential gadgets and reduce barriers to connecting online. 

4. Give Students Choice

Thanks to the internet and its availability, students have plenty of learning options. However, if you control their interests, they will get discouraged and won’t be able to learn. Therefore, you have to give your kid the freedom to select. Adding the constrained, well-chosen elements of choice in medium and topic are excellent options to boost motivation during online classes for kids.

It’s noteworthy to mention that too much freedom of choice can develop decision fatigue. For instance, if you give your kids four of their favorite topics and ask them to pick one, they will certainly face problems and waste a lot of time. 

5. Be a Role Model

Lastly, if you want to motivate your kid, you have to be a role model for them. You cannot expect a kid to learn the value of time if you are not punctual, either. Therefore, interact with your children. Ask them different questions about their study. Afterward, find a reasonable answer together.

The more interest you’ll show in your kid’s education, the more they will be motivated. Keep in mind that learning is not only for children. If you help your kid with their study material, you might also learn some useful information.

Final Verdict

To keep your kids motivated during online learning, the best thing you can do is interact with them. Give them time. Show them you care for them. Give them the freedom to make decisions. Furthermore, be a role model to them by learning with them!

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