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9 tips for Public Speaking

9 tips for Public Speaking

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Public speaking is one of the biggest fears for many people, but it can be conquered. A few simple steps can help you to become an effective public speaker and a confident presenter who is much more successful.

1. Deliver to create an impact

As a leader the challenge is not just to get up and talk. It is to connect with an audience, motivate them, engage them so that they are ready to take action after you have finished speaking.

2. Start with an “attention grabber”

In a world where the audience gets to choose what they want to watch, you have to grab their attention immediately. The best way to do this is by telling a personal story that connects with your audience. This video gives you some tips on how to make public speaking more engaging.

3. Structure your speech

Make sure you structure your material well – Start with a grabber, middle and an impactful conclusion. You need to engage your audience with good and relatable stories.

4. Practice makes it perfect

Practice makes you more confident about what you want to deliver and helps to overcome the fear of speaking in front of an audience. You should take your time to breathe and rehearse your speech before going up on stage.

5. Understand the audience

Rehearse your speech with a known audience like your friends. It is easier to talk to friends than talking to strangers.

6. Pauses

A great way to connect with an audience is with the use of pauses. Pauses can be a powerful tool at bringing the audience into your speech. It also gives you some time to get prepared with what you want to say next.

7. Visualise your success

One of the key factors to becoming a better public speaker is to start by visualising yourself as the great speaker that you are. Visualisation is the process of creating a mental image about the end result that you desire. It’s critical to the process of achieving that end result. 

8. Smile all the way

Don’t forget to smile and enjoy your delivery throughout. It is important for the audience to understand that your message holds impact and is important to you.

9. Experience is the most important

You should take as many opportunities as possible to get experience in speaking in front of an audience and listening to other speakers. Experience builds confidence which is essential for public speaking.

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  1. I am glad you mentioned how experience in public speaking is a great way to build confidence. My older sister wants to improve her public speaking skills for her job. I think that a great way for her to gain experience would be by completing online training for public speaking.

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