Activities to Expand Your Vocabulary

Activities to Expand Your Vocabulary

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If you’re like most people, vocabulary expansion is one of the last things on your mind. However, learning new words not only opens up your horizons to new meanings and ideas, it can also help you to be a more interesting communicator. If you want to learn about new words and increase your vocabulary, take a look at these activities!


You can play Pictionary with a few words on each side and have them act them out. You can also divide kids into smaller teams and have them race to find the word that fits with a certain definition. This game can be quite challenging if your kid is shy. It’s also a good way to get more practice with different kinds of words.

Search Through Text

Another great activity is to have students search through the text for a vocabulary word. This is a great pre-reading activity for students to practice their new words. They can earn points for finding the word and writing it in their notes. You can also purchase a cheap magnifying glass for kids to use when searching for the word. Once they have a large vocabulary, they can use the words to make their writing more interesting and engaging.

Vocabulary Games

This game allows kids to practice their new words in a fun way. By creating a puzzle of the words, kids can challenge themselves to use them in conversation. Kids can create their own crossword puzzle or try to solve someone else’s. They can also sort the words into categories. Kids in Pairs can also play together “Name My Category” or “Find a Related Word” to practise grouping vocabulary. You can even print a template that has four squares and a box for a specific vocabulary word in the middle. 

 A fun game that requires kids to use their vocabulary can help them learn new vocabulary quickly. 


 Once in a while even the most experienced writers run into issues understanding the meaning of certain words due to their lack of vocabulary knowledge. You can help avoid these issues by practicing word definitions.  The easiest way to practice meaning is simply by reading, but research has shown that from 3rd grade up, many students often stop reading for pleasure, and this may be another reason for loss of vocabulary knowledge.  The best way to practice meaning and increase your vocabulary is by doing reading comprehension exercises such as this one.  You’ll find them fairly simple to do!

Write a Poem or Story

Another fun vocabulary-building activity is to write a poem or story. In this game, students write their opinions on a topic. They can write about a sports team they like or a particular sport that they dislike. You can also give them points if they correctly identify the word. 

These are just a few of the many fun activities for expanding vocabulary. You can use the ideas above to expand your students’ vocabulary.

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