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Can the art of debate improve the child’s imagination skills?

Can the art of debate improve the child’s imagination skills?

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When there is information, there is enlightenment. When there is debate, there are solutions. One should try being informed instead of just opinionated. A debate is possible only when one has sufficient information to articulate one’s thoughts. Children are naturally curious and ask innumerable questions about anything and everything in the world around them. Children asking questions and having healthy discussions are necessary to satisfy a child’s inquisitive brain.

A debate is a general discussion about a specific topic with different parties expressing different opinions. In a discussion, the validity of the views expressed holds more importance than the speaker’s personality. From improving listening and speaking skills to building self-esteem, learning debate can benefit an early-age child. It also sharpens the child’s critical listening skills and the child’s ability to interact with others confidently. 

The art of debate is a valuable skill that every child should develop. Debating teaches children to analyze, rationalize, put forward healthy arguments, and disagree politely. Debating needs a lot of research and surety, without that arguments will seem illogical. Teaching the art of debating makes the child differentiate between myths and actual reality. 

Some benefits of debating are:

  • Improves critical thinking skills: Debating helps the child develop essential , necessary, thinking skills, which allow them to reason and think in a particular direction. It also creates the ability to question the theory behind a particular statement. When the child learns to debate, it helps them order their words and structure them in a way that supports their agendas. Debates also help them reverse their thinking process, they can start thinking in a positive as well as negative way.
  • Channelizes self-expression: Debating isn’t just a redressal of an argument, it’s much more than just an argument, it’s a whole process. Debating is a skill that teaches the child to research and to be well focused and well prepared, and to verbalize their thoughts firmly and boldly. Cultivating the art of debating in children gives them a clear picture to channel their personal opinions. It boosts the courage to use focused and confident expression words, helping the child in public speaking. Debates fuel freedom of thoughts and speech, and authorizes the children to share their researched opinions. Sometimes a child has a lot to speak but doesn’t get an opportunity to open up his thoughts, debating gives them the space to open up their unrecognized ideas and thoughts. 
  • Is the bridge connecting public speaking:  Interpersonal ad communication skills in a public setting are as crucial as other life skills. Debating is a bridge that encourages the child to convey their researched thoughts and gives them a voice to converse courageously in public without giving a second thought. Debates also help the children to overcome their public speaking fears and help them to learn voice modulation and reasoning. 
  • Helps the child to think out of the box; Debating leads children to study topics deeply to understand them from various perspectives. Debating helps the child gain broad, multi-faceted knowledge that isn’t just limited to the academic boundaries.
  • Boosts presentation skills;  It’s rightly said, “The first impression is the last impression”. The way one presents themselves speaks a lot about that person. From an early childhood if the child is taught about their appearance and how to present themselves then it can benefit them in long term. Imbibing presentation skills in the child at an early age will help them earn instant respect, in both circumstances while debating, and also will create an impression for their future. 

The art of debate helps build the Four ‘Cs’of 21st century skills that a person can leverage to succeed in life. These four ones are critical thought processes, communication, collaboration techniques, and creativity. To learn these 4 ‘Cs’ “BeyondSkool” provides online classes. We believe that teaching children the art of debating can mold the child’s opinions and views about different perspectives, making them successful and professionally equipped to face the world outside.

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