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Complete Details On The Math Olympiad Syllabus

Complete Details On The Math Olympiad Syllabus

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What is an IMO?

The International Mathematics Olympiad (IMO) is organised by the Science Olympiad Foundation (SOF) with the purpose of identifying hidden talents among students in Classes I through XII. In terms of intellectual capacity and thinking capability, the advanced collection of questions in this exam is pretty difficult. The  students are selected based on their national performance. Math Olympiad 2022 is a competition in which students may demonstrate their ability to solve mathematical problems. This worldwide tournament attracts over 100 countries from five continents. To represent a country, candidates are first chosen at the national level. The 63rd International Mathematics Olympiad 2022 will take place in Oslo, Norway this year.

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Everything You Need to Know About the International Math Olympiad 2022

The following is a list of details about the IMO 2022 competition.

  • Eligibility Criteria: Any student in grades 1 through 12 is eligible to compete in this competition.
  • The respective school authorities handle the application procedure.

Syllabus of International Mathematics Olympiad 2022

There will be two levels of competition at the IMO 2022. Candidates who pass the first level advance to the next.

Here is the complete syllabus of IMO 2022.

Syllabus of Level 1 IMO 2022 

  • The questions will be structured in an objective-type format. Maths Olympiad questions will be taken by students in grades I through IV. There will be 50 questions for students in grades V and XII. These questions will be answered in 60 minutes.
  • There are four parts to the question paper.
  1. Logical Reasoning
  2. Mathematical Reasoning
  3. Everyday Mathematics
  4. Achievers’ Section
  • A distinct question paper will be given to each class. The questions are written in the English language.
  • The individual boards’ syllabuses, such as CBSE, ISC/ICSE, and state boards, are followed.
  • Exams at this level will take place in schools.

Syllabus of Level 2 IMO 2022 

  • Level 2 will be held for applicants who are in Class III or higher.
  • Only the top 5% of candidates will be selected for this level.
  •  The results will be determined by the marks earned in each part and the weighted average.
  • The top 25 students in each zone will be chosen for this level.

Here is the Marking Scheme for the examination

ClassSectionNo. of QuestionsMarks/ QuestionTotal Marks
1 to 4Logical Reasoning10110
Mathematical Reasoning10110
Everyday Mathematics10110
Achievers Section5210
Grand Total35 40
5 to 12Logical Reasoning15115
Mathematical Reasoning20120
Everyday Mathematics10110
Achievers Section5315
Grand Total50 60

IMO SOF Application Process 

  • Only schools that are registered with the authoritative body will get the prospectus and registration materials.
  • The school authorities will deliver the IMO registration kit to the students.
  • You may also obtain a prospectus by contacting the SOF directly.. 
  • Fill up the form properly and send it to the school administration.
  • The school will handle the rest.
  • The IMO application deadline is 15 days before the scheduled exam date.

Best Books to refer for International Mathematics Olympiad (IMO)

Book TypeBook Name (Author)
TextbookLearning Maths for Smarter Life by Indu Jain 
WorkbookMaths Practice-cum-Workbook – MTG Editorial Board
Power Pack1. Workbook2. Reasoning Workbook3. IMO 5 years (Instant download eBook)4. Olympiad Skill Development System5. Maths Practice-cum-Workbook6. Learning Mathematics for Smarter Life7. Maths Practice-cum-Workbook Solution8.Know Your IQ Maths

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