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PYBP (GRADE 3) 9-10

Anoushka is a 10 year old child of grade 3. She has very efficiently used her soft skills to do her project in this Academy.

PROJECT 1: A Puzzle Book.

The book named “ Are you smarter than a Grade 4 Schooler” is a Puzzle Book made by Anoushka and her peers. They put their combined efforts and used their Knowledge of Math to make this Book. It is quite an interesting book. She has used her Critical thinking skills and Logical Reasoning Skills while making this book.

PROJECT 2: Non-Living Things

Devansh has created a Science Journal wherein he sticks the pictures of all non-livings he sees in his surroundings such as mobile phones, automobiles, footwear and television, etc. He uses his critical thinking skills as well as logical reasoning skills to make this journal.

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