Creations by BeyondSkoolers

Avi Mehrotra



Avi is a 6 year-old student at BeyondSkool. He loves to read new books & has developed a lot of creativity & confidence in the past few months learning at this Academy. His capstone projects include a story book, a speech on prized possession and a Water Filtration System.

PROJECT 1: A Story Book

“Adventure to the Pool” is a story book written by Avi Mehrotra. This story is about a young boy who enjoys swimming! An exciting Read!

PROJECT 2: Avi’s Prized Possession

Avi speaks about his favourite book which he relates to.
He also gives a synopsis of that Book.

PROJECT 3: Water Filtration System

Avi is presenting his self-created “Water Filtration System”.
He displays strong skills of Hypothesis testing, Experimentation & Critical thinking!
He illustrates in detail the whole process of this system.