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Jaya Samar Reang

PYBP Grade 3 (8-9)

Jaya is a very innovative child and has been awarded the STEM Maestro Award by her teacher in class. She has made a wonderful Pico game and is planning on making it bigger and better! Available on social media platforms for all to see.

“STEM Maestro Award”

PROJECT 1: Pico Game

This game is made by Jaya. The characters and their costumes are made by her from scratch. She has coded the game as well. She has applied her creative thinking skills, critical thinking skills and her logical reasoning skills to make this game. This game is available on “Scratch”.

PROJECT 2: The Flappy Bird Game

This game is about a bird flying and it needs to cross green hurdles. The game is simple and interesting. The instructions to play this game makes it easier to play this game.It is available on “Scratch”.

PROJECT 3 : The code story

This is a story made by her. It is available on “Scratch”. Characters are well thought and designed by her before being made. She displays her creative thinking skills in this story.

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