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Vrithik Balakarthik


EYBP GRADE (5-6years)

Vrithik is a 5 year old boy who has developed his communication skills, logical reasoning skills, creative thinking and critical thinking skills through the homeworks and projects done by him while studying in the academy. He has also developed a sense of confidence within himself which is helpful in the professional world.

Vrithik Balakarthik

PROJECT 1: Sun and Sand project

He has built a model using his understanding on this project. He has used his creative thinking skills to portray his originality in this project.

PROJECT 2: Sudoku Game

A talented young boy, Vrithik has made a  wonderful Sudoku Game. He shows his creative thinking and logical reasoning skills. You can find the video on our Youtube,Instagram and Facebook Page. In this project, he has used his Math knowledge..

HOMEWORK : Cruise Control

Vrithik uses his creativity to artistically display his view of cruise through his painting. He uses his creative thinking skills as well as logical reasoning skills in his homework.

Vrithik Balakarthik

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