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Registration Details

Upskill your child with

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Summer School starts on 15th May 2022.
Limited seats available.

Masterclasses to boost 21st Century Skills

BeyondSkool Summer Camp is a FREE 2 weeks intensive online summer camp for kids in grades 6-16. Empower kids for a fun-filled summer with skills like Story writing, Drama, Drawing, Coding, Music, and much more.
Summer School Story Writing

Comic Writing

Learning character construction, plot design, and setting elements to create a new and unique comic book.

Skills developed: Writing and Communication

How Can Children Benefit from Online Nursery Classes

Story Writing

Learn to identify parts of a story and create their own structure to build an original story.

Skills developed: Writing, Creative Thinking and Communication

How to Get the Confidence to Speak in Front of a Class

Public Speaking

Learn and explore how to deliver a speech/ presentation in front of an audience.

Skills developed: Confidence, Speaking and Communication

Top 7 parenting tips for child's personality development

Everyday Grammar for Kids

Kids can learn techniques for everyday grammar by vocabulary building, pronunciation, phonics and conversations.

Skills developed: Communication, Listening and Speaking

How to be a good storyteller when you're an introvert

Art of Storytelling

Learn how to craft and develop story arcs and deliver a story to an audience in a compelling and engaging manner.

Skills developed: Communication, Confidence, Persuasion, and Articulation

Why is it important to learn about social causes at an early age?

Speech and Dramatics

Learn how to express ideas and articulate thoughts with the help of appropriate vocabulary and other sensory movements.

Skills developed: Communication, Confidence, Speaking and Body Language

Math Milestones for your 3-year-old

Mental Math Tricks

Learn Mental Math tricks to increase problem solving speed, calculation speed and overall mathematical aptitude

Skills developed: Problem Solving and Logical Reasoning

What are the other words used in English instead of ‘very’?

Blog Writing

Learn creative writing on topics your child is most passionate about, share their interests and voice with others.

Skills developed: Creative Thinking, Writing and Communication

Interesting Facts about Online Classes for Kids

Basics of Coding

Basics of coding will be taught, where learners will learn basic coding concepts like variables, algorithms, data structures, syntax etc.

Skills developed: Logical Reasoning and Critical Thinking

Our Experienced Master Teachers

Megha Trivedi
Megha Trivedi
Honours in Education and Spoken English
Bhavna Gulati
Bhavna Gulati
Curriculum Designer and Impact Taught students across India, Australia, Singapore, Malaysia and Hong Kong.
Sherin Mathews
Sherin Mathews
National Storyteller and Psychologist
Over 12+ years of experience in Spoken English and story telling.
Tahaniya Zainab
Tahaniya Zainab
Honours in Math and Engineering
Over 12+ years of experience in Spoken English and story telling.

Affiliated With

BeyondSkool Trinity
Indian International MUN

Online Global Summer School for Kids

Summer School starts on 2nd May 2022. Limited seats available.
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