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How can effective communication help a child grow?

How can effective communication help a child grow?

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Communication and confidence are some of the most important aspects of early child development. Having a proper talk with your child can encourage them to express their needs and desires. If they lack the confidence to speak, they might struggle to ask for help when it’s required. Nurturing your child’s communication abilities at a young age is critical for building up their confidence. Talking with your child is a daily event. As a parent, it’s never an easy task to handle a child and work at the same time. Even during a hectic day as a parent you try carrying on a light conversation with your child but there are also times when your child needs for you to tune in and listen to their conversations more deeply.

Your child won’t tell you this but they need you to probe into their inner life on occasion to find out what they are thinking and feeling. Not only this will help them and make more sense of their emotions but it will also strengthen your relationship with them. They will intuitively sense that you understand them better because you as a parent took the time and energy to care. Communication is the solution to so many problems. Have your child experienced doubt or hesitation while communicating? I think we as grown adults too have faced such issues. At times a child wants to speak up about a lot of things but just because of a fear of what he has to say cannot be important to others or people wouldn’t be interested, he gives up his idea to open up with what he has to speak and gives up right there. During such times, the child needs to uplift their self-confidence and they can do so with their parent’s support. 

When a child is self-confident enough to face everyone around them, they feel more relaxed and in control, they become flexible enough to adjust to any situation, they start believing in the power of self-growth and start believing in themselves, and they’re easier to communicate with, they become objective and not letting feelings take control.

A child needs to be confident enough with other people while they communicate. If a child talks with a lack of conviction, the listener may assume that a child either doesn’t know how to speak fluently or is unsure about the thought that a child wants to convey or a child simply doesn’t care about communicating. It’s all about learning to feel more confident in ourselves, which in turn helps the child in communicating with others.  

The child’s confidence in communication will come from experience, so to get better, the child should practice more. The more the child grasps and understands, the more confident he’ll become. It’s always about facing a fear and winning through the obstacles. Make the child read storybooks, show them documentaries, engaging them in social activities. The child can be a great communicator only when he has a bundle of knowledge to share. 

The child needs to learn some basic skills of communication like being honest and sincere while speaking, being optimistic, being respectful of others, staying calm and still and not pacing up, being sensitive to other people’s feelings, etc. If the child gets habituated to such basic communication skills at an early age, they can start working on their negative side and can start improvising themselves.

In this 21st Century, “who’s more powerful than whom?” race if one wants their child to stand out from others and create their own identity, all they need is to develop their child’s interpersonal skills so that the child can have a confident tomorrow.

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