How does vocabulary building help the child at an early age?

How does vocabulary building help the child at an early age?

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 One may have a language to speak but a person may fail to express their thoughts if he doesn’t have appropriate words to support his thoughts. You can’t build a vocabulary without reading. One can’t meet friends if one… stays at home by oneself all the time. In the same way, one can’t meet any new words. And to meet them one must-read. The more one reads, the better they can be. Children read to learn – even when they are reading fantasy, nonsense, light verse, comics, or the copy on biscuits or cereal packets, they are expanding their minds all the time, enlarging their vocabulary, making discoveries – it is all new to them. 

At an early age child’s imagination power is at its peak and the child can grasp things at a faster pace. When the child reads about something they open a door for new beginnings. Not just reading but independent reading is the real key to vocabulary building because when the child reads everything on their own they realize the difference between reality and dream. Children, when are habitual to reading, will also imbibe the skill of patience and dedication in them. For the child to read a 50-page book in a week, they need a lot of patience and persistence to sit in one place and read that 50-page book. At an early age, the child learns to focus on every word, every picture, and every page of the book and indirectly also teaches the child to think in all aspects after reading a particular book. 

Once the child starts reading they’ll come across many unfamiliar words and just because the child is reading the book, in curiosity they’ll start finding the meanings for the unfamiliar words that flashed through their eyes so in and all they’ll get used to this technique and start improvising themselves every single day. Just like slow and steady wins the race, that one slow reader and steady vocab-enthusiast wins the race.

When the child is exposed to new words, due to basic human tendency they will start relating those words with their ongoing life so when they face any such similar situation they use that word. Many children also rhyme new words they learn with the words they already know to improve retention. This technique is called ‘association’. Associating new vocabulary with something already stored in your brain makes it much easier for the brain to recall the new word in the future.

Building vocabulary is a very important aspect of lifelong learning, personal fulfillment, and academic advancement but for the child, it’s not always enjoyable. Teaching children vocabulary in a fun way can be effective at times. Utilizing word games is an effective strategy for increasing vocabulary because games are fun to the children and they’ll devote more time to playing them and in return learn many words at a time.

Another effective technique in building a child’s vocabulary is the repetition of words. Throughout the day, make the child repeat some words so that they can fit easily into their memory. Another repetition technique is to let the child create a sentence using a word that they’re trying to learn and then let the child repeat the entire sentence several times.

Along with reading, vocabulary can also be built through effective communication. Vocabulary building is not always a one-way passage, every child lives in a different environment and every child needs different ways to get in with the overall child development. We at “BeyondSkool” analyze every child’s learning pace and grasping power and teach vocabulary building. We’re online classes with experienced and patient teachers to strengthen the child’s educational as well as emotional set of skills to provide them with an easy future.

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