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How is Beyondskool different from other online education means?

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The K12 powered gamified approach can readily solve the issues in the education system. Students can access relevant academic content using online learning systems, making studying more enjoyable and engaging.

The beautiful graphics pique a student’s interest in learning more and in a better way. Since the main disciplines of math and science are often challenging for students to grasp, the gamification technique aids them in engagingly learning them. It engages students in their studies better than textbooks since the images and sounds aid comprehension.

Established in August 2020, BeyondSkool is the first of its kind IQ+CQ+EQ Upskilling Academy for children, aimed at making your little  ones confident and future-ready. They go beyond just tutoring school topics by developing the knowledge and skills necessary for success in the present-day world and tomorrow’s careers. 

The world has evolved, and the demands of future jobs have altered as well. As the contemporary market demands emerging abilities such as creativity, critical thinking, technology, digital literacy, and communication, reliance on merely knowledge, notions, and theories are gradually waning out. On the other hand, our educational system has remained unchanged for decades, resulting in a huge disparity between what is needed in the market and the kind of skills that our children possess or are being traditionally educated to carry. BeyondSkool fills in the gaps left by customary schooling and ensures that each child receives an exhaustive education to catch the interest areas and skill-building accordingly.

However, what exactly makes BeyondSkool different from regular online schooling?

Inculcating Higher-order Thinking Skills

Through a highly thought-out ‘Integrated UpSkilling Certification Programme,’ BeyondSkool- a one of its kind online education portal universally, equips kids with ‘Higher Order Thinking Skills,’ allowing them to ‘Imagine & Invent,’ and become Problem-Solvers, Creators, and Thought Leaders. 

Expanding beyond the mundane and integrating practical training involving logical reasoning, critical analysis, ingenuity, and articulation are the key areas where our present-day schooling system lacks. And that’s the vacuum, which BeyondSkool successfully bridges in this era of technological expansion where information is quickly becoming a luxury.

Holistic development

BeyondSkool is devoted to supporting Holistic Cognitive Development of your child’s IQ, EQ, and CQ- all in one go, while sticking to the notion of fostering Higher Order Thinking Skills, ensuring originality and innovation. The online portal now features state-of-the-art learning solutions for children that can develop into rock-solid ground, ultimately acting as a bridge in our existing online learning system that solely delivers academic knowledge. With highly skilled staff in charge of the mission and a culture of transparency, meritocracy, and agility, the outcome is bound to be desirable. 

Focus on ideational clarity

Children must acquire the necessary knowledge in order to be employable in the future. The fast-evolving generation of today will no longer be satisfied with the same old study materials and bulky books. The needs of the market are transforming fast. However, most parts of the country lack adequate instructors and mentors who can guide pupils on what lies ahead professionally. As a result, education must be delivered through a fully interactive medium and by proficient teachers who work on concept clarity. Beyondskool has an international team with all-around exposure, dedicated to making your kid future-ready.

Gamification | A new concept in the field of education.

To address the challenges that students experience, BeyondSkool is progressively using highly innovative technologies such as virtual reality, which boosts students’ attention to academia. The medium has developed, and we, as world-class educators, are committed to taking advantage of the technology to provide students with more enriching learning information in more intelligent ways. As a result, we use multimedia since it has a significant impact on a student’s learning. It raises awareness and improves their general knowledge skills.

The way kids are taught in India is constantly improving thanks to digital learning technology. Traditional classroom lessons have evolved into a playground where e-lLearning features have a greater impact, and BeyondSkool aces that. Having a look at the Beyondskool reviews can give you a first-hand account of the same.

Utilizing Mobile Apps

Students can learn while engaging with online learning resources such as mobile applications. In India, the practice of offering e-learning and the notion of K-12 education is bound to create a huge impact on school performance since kids receive a tailored experience while studying via digital media. This is a fantastic means to bring about positive change in the schooling system and make students an asset to the country. BeyondSkool is well equipped and experienced to help your child evolve and shine.

When it comes to academics, creativity and brilliance should be the key areas that we must focus on developing. As a result, our educational system must undergo radical change. The gamified K12 approach employed by BeyondSkool- an upskilling academy, is an enabler that aids your child with a dynamic and spectacular process to master their fundamental math and science. Comparable reforms will be incorporated in the future to ensure that the best learning opportunities are offered to kids coming from varying interests and socioeconomic backgrounds. The BeyondSkool, online classes fees bear testimony to that.


Q.1 Is there a set daily schedule at K12-powered BeyondSkool?

Ans: Live Class sessions with BeyondSkool help students remain on track by providing a steady school schedule. Students can customize their course schedules outside of the live class sessions to meet their preferred learning classes.

Q.2 Are BeyondSkool K12 instructors familiar with online education?

Ans: Instructors at K12-powered BeyonSkool classrooms are pro in virtual education and have access to best practices and upgrades to help your kids advance in their future careers.

Q.3 What kind of curriculum is available at BeyondSkool?

Ans: Our curriculum is based on two revolutionary education theories - Multiple Intelligence Theory by Howard Gardner and Bloom's Taxonomy. The subjects are unique and designed for success in the new world - STEM, STREAM, LogiMath, Applied Math, and Leadership Communication.

These subjects and the courses have been designed to develop and enhance neo skills in Children such as critical thinking, logical reasoning, creative thinking, communication and confidence.

It is created and endorsed by alumni of Kellogg School of Management of Northwestern University, NYU London, HKUST, MDI, IIMB, Zee Learn, Teach for India, Khan Academy, Podar International School.

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