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How is Creative Thinking and E.Q.(Emotional Quotient) Interconnected?

How is Creative Thinking and E.Q.(Emotional Quotient) Interconnected?

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When we tend to manner} to use our emotions to impress the mind or move our feelings into an area wherever they’ll facilitate us to come back up with new ideas and solve issues in an exceedingly artistic way we are using our emotional intelligence to more our aims and win our goals.

In this twenty-first century of extraordinary innovation and constant disruption, the flexibility to assume creatively has never been additional vital. so researchers at the globe Economic Forum contend that power is third on the list of the foremost vital skills needed by data employees and leaders in 2020 and on the far side.

To help us perceive why emotional intelligence is a crucial key that unlocks power and innovation we want to own an awfully basic understanding of what emotions square measure and what emotional intelligence is. Emotions square measure essential “impulses to act” and emotional intelligence is your ability to bear in mind your emotions and perceive however they impact your expression of self and your relationships with people and also the world you reside in.

Surprisingly, only a third of people can recognize and describe their emotions as they occur, because few people practice the cognitive awareness required to do so. On a conscious level, most people go through life having feelings without truly understanding what they mean or why they exist. Indeed, when confronted with negative emotions such as grief or irritation, we frequently reject their existence and swiftly modify our opinions to escape them. This is due to the perception that these emotions are unhealthy, and that they have no place in a world of perpetual judgment and instantaneous gratification.

Innovation and disruption are ubiquitous in today’s environment; in fact, they are the new normal. What may work for clients now or appeal to them may be replaced by a different service or product tomorrow. The phenomenal expansion of e-commerce during the Covid 19 outbreak is a fantastic example of how quickly things change. Ecommerce rose by the same amount in 90 days throughout the world as it did in the previous ten years. Entrepreneurs that have successfully reinvented their businesses, goods, and services and pivoted during this challenging period have channelled their fear and aggravation into new methods to solve problems and thrive.

You could wonder if your child was born with the ability to think creatively. Absolutely,  Because humans can operate in both the left and right hemispheres of our brain, we have been endowed with both logical and creative abilities. You were able to use both sides of your brain equally and quickly as an infant. It’s just that as you grew older and became more educated, you were taught that creativity was reserved for artists, musicians, and dancers, and that if you wanted to fit in, you shouldn’t be creative.

In increasingly complex and uncertain times, children and adults rely on their creative ability to help them adapt and prosper. Researchers believe that living a creative life promotes happiness and wellness, and that creativity, purpose, and intrinsic motivation are all linked.The ability to produce and express original ideas of value lies at the heart of human exploration and discovery. Creativity is a force that fosters human development, inventiveness, and an artistic enjoyment of the world around us. It is inspired by our senses of sight, hearing, taste, touch, and smell.

Many people equate creativity with gifted and talented individuals. Few would deny that Steve Jobs’ ingenuity was instrumental in the development of the iPhone and other groundbreaking Apple products. However, creativity is not limited to persons with exceptional intelligence or talent—or to large-scale creations. Producing a new recipe, expressing a powerful idea through self-expression, or developing a better technique to reach a desired end are all examples of creative abilities that invoke originality.

Children always think in a way we adults don’t. If their creative intelligence is fostered and utilied to the fullest at an early age, the child can surely become the next famous personality in upcoming years. “ Their minor thoughts and ideas of a child should be focused on and supported and one day their ideas can make wonders”.

Everything isn’t readily available for the child. It takes years for the child to grow emotionally but their creative skills gets developed at an early age itself, a little bit of polishing along with a small push towards something good can make the child feel more confident to face everything that crosses it’s path to success.

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