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Maths Olympiad Syllabus For Class 2

Maths Olympiad Syllabus For Class 2

Table of Contents

For all school students, the International Mathematics Olympiad (IMO) is an essential exam to join. Each year, this exam is held for classes from 1 to 12 the whole way across the world. This exam is profoundly respected internationally and is very well known among students.

The IMO exam is held one time per year, with schools having the choice of taking it on one of many dates consistently. This exam welcomes students from one side of the planet to the other together to go up against each other based on their mathematical abilities.

The Science Olympiad Foundation has the International Mathematics Olympiad, a notable mathematics examination. SOF IMO assesses students’ mathematical abilities and knowledge. Students who participate in the IMO can evaluate their classmates’ grasp of the subject and their capacity to solve different levels of sums on a school, local, zonal, and worldwide level.

The subjects and parts expressed in the prospectus of IMO 2022 for the two Levels I and II stay something similar, but the difficulty level increases. The International Mathematical Olympiad (IMO) has two levels of contest. Set A of the IMO Level 1 exam will be on 10th November 2022, Set B on 22nd November 2022, and Set C on 13th of December 2022. The SOF IMO Level 2 test will be held probably in March. Only students in Classes 3 to 12 can take part in Level II.

Olympiad Exams are organized by different autonomous associations. Here is the list of renowned Olympiad Exam conducting organizations:

OrganizationNo. of Olympiads Conducted
SOF (Science Olympiad Foundation)5
CREST Olympiads (Online Olympiad Exams)6
Unicus Olympiads (Summer Olympiad Exams)5
Educational Initiatives (ASSET)3
Indian Talent Olympiad8
Humming Bird Education5
Eduheal Foundation5
Silver Zone Foundation7
Unified Council4

The IMO exam covers the major concepts of mathematics since it is subject to one’s information on the point. Students participating in this exam further develop problem-solving and reasoning skills. It permits students to turn out to be more acquainted with different number juggling points. Investigating the educational program gives students the important groundwork for the exam.

Math is a subject wherein one can’t be confounded in that frame of mind, as there is generally a huge number of essential questions to remember – and the best way to do so is to memorize and understand the syllabus appropriately.

Maths is a significant subject as it gives a capacity for analysis and reasoning. Math Olympiad is probably going to strengthen the logical thinking and problem-solving skills of all the students that are participating.

Class 2  is divided into four portions, each of which covers the topics listed below.

Section 1Section 2Section 3 and 4
Section 1 includes the following topics:
– Patterns
– Odd One Out
– Geometrical Shapes
– Measuring Units
– Embedded Figures
– Grouping of Figures
– Coding and Decoding
Section 2 includes the following topics:
– Numerals
– Computation
– Operations
– Number Names and Sense
– Patterns
– Pictographs
– Weight
– Length
– Capacity
– Temperature
– Time
– Money
– Lines
– Shapes and Solids
Sections 3 and 4 cover topics that are similar to those covered in section 2, but are more complex

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