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Maths Olympiad Syllabus For Class 4

Maths Olympiad Syllabus For Class 4

Table of Contents

The Science Olympiad Foundation has the International Mathematics Olympiad, a notable mathematics examination. SOF IMO assesses students’ mathematical abilities and knowledge. Students who participate in the IMO can evaluate their classmates’ grasp of the subject and their capacity to solve different levels of sums on a school, local, zonal, and worldwide level.

The subjects and parts expressed in the prospectus of IMO 2022 for the two Levels I and II stay something similar, but the difficulty level increases. The International Mathematical Olympiad (IMO) has two levels of contest. Set A of the IMO Level 1 exam will be on 10th November 2022, Set B on 22nd November 2022, and Set C on 13th of December 2022. The SOF IMO Level 2 test will be held probably in March. Only students in Classes 3 to 12 can take part in Level II.

Olympiad Exams are organized by different autonomous associations. Here is the list of renowned Olympiad Exam conducting organizations:

OrganizationNo. of Olympiads Conducted
SOF (Science Olympiad Foundation)5
CREST Olympiads (Online Olympiad Exams)6
Unicus Olympiads (Summer Olympiad Exams)5
Educational Initiatives (ASSET)3
Indian Talent Olympiad8
Humming Bird Education5
Eduheal Foundation5
Silver Zone Foundation7
Unified Council4

We have ensured that the IMO syllabus has been appropriately checked and provided for all classes beginning from 1 to 12. The syllabus is one of the crucial necessities for all the students to refer to and is of the utmost significance for the preparation for any exam.

The International Mathematics Olympiad (IMO) syllabus for Class 4 can be extremely useful for every one of the students. Our qualified subject educator has thoroughly investigated the schedule according to the most recent International Mathematics Olympiad exam pattern.

The SOF Olympiads are notable for being tricky and competitive. To accomplish the top rank in the IMO examination, takes a ton of difficult work, endless long hours of effort, and a well-strategized and focused plan. This is essential because of the time and effort expected for any student to understand and tackle the olympiad Maths problems. Students always seem to be worried about how to start planning for the IMO exam. The essential necessity for being ready consistently is the appropriate attitude and mindset. Notwithstanding hard work, smart work means a lot to be a top ranker.

Class 4 syllabus is separated into four sections, every one of which covers the points recorded beneath

Section 1Section 2Section 3 and 4
Section 1 includes the following topics:

– Alphabet Test
– Patterns
– Ranking Test
– Coding-Decoding
– Mirror Images,
– Embedded Figures
– Geometrical Shapes and Solids
– Analogy and Classification
– Days and Dates & Possible Combinations
– Direction Sense Test
Section 2 includes the following topics:
Numerals and Number Names
Computation Operations
– Number Sense (more than 4-digit numbers)
– Fractions
– Weight
– Money
– Length
– Time
– Capacity
– Geometry
– Symmetry
– Conversions
– The Perimeter of Various Shapes
– Data Handling
To solve the questions more efficiently in this section, students must have a greater understanding of the basic core concepts from previous sections.

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