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Needs Of Today’s Students!

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The Greek philosopher Heraclitus said, “Change is the only constant in life”, and how aptly it applies to the changing needs of students every generation over and over again is the one thing to stop and ponder upon. Once we understand this basis, only then can we, as parents, teachers and education enablers, find a solution to it. We need to understand this fundamentally and figure out the underlying reasons for these changes from a critical point of view. Given that you cannot judge the exactness of these transformative times, you want to gauge the nature of the underlying rationale behind these changes!

The 21st century has come with its own sets of challenges considering the traditional education system that we are still following. There is a gap in what we offer kids for their learning opportunities and what we should be providing them for holistic growth to enable them to succeed in these new-age careers in future. There is a huge disconnect. The fact that actual careers streams have had a major shift in only the last couple of years gives you a backdrop of how volatile the market will be in years to come. We, as education enablers, need to learn from this experience that we have to build abilities in our GenZ kids to accept, analyze, adapt, and figure out a way to thrive on them with the help of their skillset. Human beings’ rigidity needs to be transformed into malleability wherein kids can shape themselves according to what is expected of them in their new-age careers. This has to be set in their approach in general.

Thus we come to the aspect of skill development. If you scrutinize the last few years, you will understand that skills have gone obsolete and that newer skills have emerged. And because these are fairly new, their demand is huge, and the population that can provide these skills is fairly less. Therefore, we must update the skills we intend to develop in children’s growing age to be relevant in the new world. Focusing just on academic subject knowledge, concepts, and theories is no more enough. Kids need to have a stronger foundation to understand the application basis and theoretical knowledge of the subject matter. Additional focus should equally be on learning neo-subjects to boost Creativity, Logic, Critical Thinking, Digital Literacy, Communication, Technology, Innovation, Social skills, etc. This boosts their IQ, CQ and EQ, which is essential for success in today’s world. Thus preparing children for new-world careers!

In the light of the fact that our education system has not changed for decades leading to this gap between what is required for new-world success and our children’s skills, we have to bridge the gap left by traditional schooling. You as a parent have to take control and look for a out of the box approach to empower our generation, next gen kids, to keep up with lightning-paced future advancements.

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