Ordinal Numbers

Ordinal numbers are those that describe the location of things. “The cookies are in the third drawer from the top,” “The orange outfit is the seventh from the right,” and “The soccer ball is in the third carton from the left,” for example. All of these statements have one thing in common: they are all about object placements. This is the most important point to remember while discussing ordinal numbers.

What are ordinal numbers, and what do they mean?

An ordinal number, such as first, second, third, and so on, denotes the position or order of something in respect to other numbers. This order or sequence might be based on size, relevance, or any other timeline.

Difference Between Cardinal and Ordinal Numbers

A cardinal number is a number that represents an object’s count. A cardinal number is any natural number such as 1, 2, 3, etc., but an ordinal number is a number that represents the position or location of an item. For instance, 1st, 2nd, 3rd, 4th, 5th, and so on. We may now state that there are three ants and five bears.. This is a cardinal number example. If we say, “The runners’ positions in the running event are first, second, third, and so on,” we’re talking about ordinal numbers.

List of Ordinal Numbers from 1 to 100

1st: First21st: Twenty-First41st: Forty-First61th: Sixty-First81st: Eighty-First
2nd: Second22nd: Twenty-Second42nd: Forty-Second62nd: Sixty-Second82nd: Eighty-Second
3rd: Third23rd: Twenty-Third43rd: Forty-Third63rd: Sixty-Third83rd: Eighty-Third
4th: Fourth24th: Twenty-Fourth44th: Forty-Fourth64th: Sixty-Fourth84th: Eighty-Fourth
5th: Fifth25th: Twenty-Fifth45th: Forty-Fifth65th: Sixty-Fifth85th: Eighty-Fifth
6th: Sixth26th: Twenty-Sixth46th: Forty-Sixth66th: Sixty-Sixth86th: Eighty-Sixth
7th: Seventh27th: Twenty-Seventh47th: Forty-Seventh67th: Sixty-Seventh87th: Eighty-Seventh
8th: Eighth28th: Twenty-Eighth48th: Forty-Eighth68th: Sixty-Eighth88th: Eighty-Eighth
9th: Ninth29th: Twenty-Ninth49th: Forty-Ninth69th: Sixty-Ninth89th: Eighty-Ninth
10th: Tenth30th: Thirtieth50th: Fiftieth70th: Seventieth90th: Ninetieth
11th: Eleventh31st: Thirty-First51st: Fifty-First71st: Seventy-First91st: Ninety-First
12th: Twelfth32nd: Thirty-Second52nd: Fifty-Second72nd: Seventy-Second92nd: Ninety-Second
13th: Thirteenth33rd: Thirty-Third53rd: Fifty-Third73rd: Seventy-Third93rd: Ninety-Third
14th: Fourteenth34th: Thirty-Fourth54th: Fifty-Fourth74th: Seventy-Fourth94th: Ninety-Fourth
15th: Fifteenth35th: Thirty-Fifth55th: Fifty-Fifth75th: Seventy-Fifth95th: Ninety-Fifth
16th: Sixteenth36th: Thirty-Sixth56th: Fifty-Sixth76th: Seventy-Sixth96th: Ninety-Sixth
17th: Seventeenth37th: Thirty-Seventh57th: Fifty-Seventh77th: Seventy-Seventh97th: Ninety-Seventh
18th: Eighteenth38th: Thirty-Eighth58th: Fifty-Eighth78th: Seventy-Eighth98th: Ninety-Eighth
19th: Nineteenth39th: Thirty-Ninth59th: Fifty-Ninth79th: Seventy-Ninth99th: Ninety-Ninth
20th: Twentieth40th: Fortieth60th: Sixtieth80th: Eightieth100th: Hundredth

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