What is 0.875 as a fraction?

A fraction is a piece or chunk of any quantity taken from a whole, which might be any number, a specified value, or an item.

Answer: 0.875 as a fraction is expressed as 7/8

We’ll write 0.875 as a fraction here.


To convert a decimal number to a fraction, write the numerator as the provided value, then insert 1 in the denominator just below the decimal point, followed by the appropriate number of zeros. The fraction can then be simplified.

We insert 1000 in the denominator and delete the decimal point since 0.875 contains three numbers after the decimal.

⇒ 875/1000

After reducing this fraction we get,

⇒ (875 ÷ 125) / (1000 ÷ 125) = 7/8

So, 0.875 as a fraction is 7/8

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