What is 2% as a fraction?

Fractions are numbers with a numerator and a denominator. There are many applications for fractions, and they are extremely useful to calculate.

Answer: 2% can be represented as 1/50 in fractional form.

Let’s understand the solution in detail.


To represent 2% as a fraction, follow the given steps:

Step 1: We represent the given number as a fraction by dividing it by 100.

Hence, we write it as 2/100.

Step 2: Simplify the fraction by using common factors of numerator and denominator.

2% can now be expressed as 2 / 100.

On simplifying the above fraction:

2 / 100 = 1 / 50 [divide numerator and denominator by their greatest common factor, that is 2]

Therefore, 2% can be represented as 1/50 in fractional form.

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