What is 4% as a fraction in simplest form?

A fraction written in its simplest sense implies that the numerator and denominator cannot be split by the exact same number in a uniform way or equally.

Answer 4 % as a fraction in its simple terms is 1/25.


Let’s turn the 4% value into a fraction in the most basic form.

Step 1: Convert the 4% value to an expression in fractions by dividing the number 4 times 100.

4% = 4 / 100

Step 2: Determine your GCF or the most common factor between 4 and 100.

Here, GCF(4, 100) = 4

Step 3: The numerator is divided by GCF in order to simplify the fraction and reduce it to its most basic form.

= (4 / 4) / (100 / 4) = 1/ 25

Therefore the 4% fraction in its simplest form is 1/25.

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