What is 5/6 as a decimal?

The term “decimal number” refers to a decimal numbers is an amount whose the whole part as well as the fractional portion are split by a decimal mark.

Answer 5/6, as a decimal value is 0.833…

Let’s examine the division method for writing 5/6 as an decimal.


Writing 5/6 as a decimal using division method

For the conversion of any fraction into decimal format We just need to divide the numerator of the fraction by its the denominator.

The fraction here is 5/6. This means that we must perform 5/6

This is the reason why it’s 0.833… Therefore 5/6 as a decimal value is 0.833…

No matter what method is employed whatever method is used, the answer to 5/6 as a decimal number will always be the same.

So, 5/6 as a decimal would be 0.833…

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