What is 7.5 as a Fraction?

A fraction refers to a portion of an entire quantity. It is composed of a numerator as well as a denominator.

Answer: 15/2 is 7.5 divided by 7.5.


We can convert a decimal number to a fraction by writing the numerator of the given number and then placing 1 in the denominator just below the decimal point. Then, add the required number of zeros. This fraction can then be simplified.

In this example, 7.5 is a number that follows the decimal. We therefore place 10 in our denominator, and we remove the decimal point.

= 75/10

We get this fraction after reducing it.

= (75 / 5) / (10 / 5) = 15/2

Therefore, 7.5 as a fraction is equal to 15/2.

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