Teaching is one profession that creates all other professions!

Hire passionate teachers​

Upskill them on International Curriculum​

Mentorship by world’s best​

High Professional Growth​

Our Vision

Attract, Mentor and Build a community of passionate teachers who strive to create Innovative classrooms”

Opportunity for Teachers

BeyondSkool Teacher Fellowship is a two year opportunity to get trained and teach next-gen skills in some of the most progressive schools around the country

Teach unique next-gen skill based curriculum

Get trained by the best mentors

Learn International pedagogical methods:
Think >>> Apply >>> Create

Grow as an Educator

Receive Fellow Certification

How to become a Fellow?

The Fellow selection process comprises three stages aimed at comprehensively assessing your strengths and motivations for the role

Stage 1: Telephone interview

Showcase your past experiences & motivations for joining the fellowship over a telephonic interview

Stage 2: Online Demo Interview

Showcase your teaching competencies through a sample teaching lesson on a video call

Stage 3: Final Offline Demo Assessment

Showcase your teaching competencies through a sample teaching lesson in a classroom

You will be a full-time teacher in an English medium ICSE or CBSE school

You will teach skill subjects like Communication, STEM + Robotics and Financial Literacy

Your work location will be the partner school

You will be required to attend all training sessions and masterclasses as part of the fellowship program

You will be required to create curriculum and content as part of the fellowship program

We want people who passionately believe that skill education is the biggest lever of change for students everywhere!

An ideal Fellow must have a graduation degree, in any field of their choice

Must be willing to learn, re-learn and unlearn

Previous experience in education or as a teacher is not a must have

Must be fluent in English

Growth after becoming a Fellow?

You will be offered a career growth opportunity based on your performance in the 2 year Fellowship Program

Subject Matter Expert

You can transition into a curriculum role within BeyondSkool itself using your expertise from the classroom to make better lessons for particular content!

Program Manager​

You can choose to train teachers exactly like yourself for the Fellowship Program so that they can see success with their students​

Expert Teacher​

If you've enjoyed the teaching experience you could choose to be a senior teacher with BeyondSkool in the third year where you would additionally take on a mentor role​

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