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Are school subjects enough for your child?

The need for application-based subjects beyond school for holistic development of children

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It’s 2022 and the world has evolved in a way none of us could have envisioned a few years ago. The most important skill to have today is to adapt. Adapting to the changing and evolving times. Adopting modern-day rules and letting go of old, outdated beliefs. Now that things are moving rapidly at a pace most of us struggle to keep up, how could the curriculum taught in the schools that has been stagnant for years be enough for a child’s holistic development?

The curriculum taught in the school is essential for a child to step into the real world but to thrive out there and challenge competences, stand out in the crowd and become leaders in diverse domains and drive change – school curriculums do not prepare them for that.

A child’s development in the early and formative years is crucial in order for them to grow up and conquer their interests confidently and excel in not just professional spaces but become better, evolved individuals. It could be a constant dilemma for parents to understand what kind of learning would be the best practice to adopt during these times and what are the additional new-age subjects to be considered and what is their importance?

Here are a few things you need to know about application-based learning subjects, their significance for your child’s holistic development, and the best way to go about them:

Going beyond the boundaries and expanding learning horizons

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The first few years for children are the formative years for their brain’s development that potentially defines their grasping skills and boosts creativity and thinking. While Science and Math are practical subjects that are learned in school, application-based learning with subjects like STEM, Applied Math, Logi Math help them leverage the teachings and turn them into hard-core learning concepts they can actually have with, instead of following the old-school model of passively memorizing facts and then appearing for exams.

Setting them up for life, not just for jobs

Setting them up for life, not just for jobs

School-based learning essentially focuses on core academic subjects and while those are the subjects that introduce the education system to the students, they are likely not enough to help them reach their maximum potential with the learning curb that only imparts academic knowledge and potentially nothing practical.

For example, English is taught as a subject in schools with the grammar rules and basic sentence formulations, but not as a language for coherent communication. That is when application-based learning steps in and provides access to the language in a way where they can become confident speakers who are comfortable expressing themselves in the language rather than just reading and memorizing for exams.

Dependency on Technology

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It is inevitable that the new age of technology has revolutionized every sector of our human lives. One of the sectors that has reaped the maximum benefits is the education sector. The invention of several applications and software has enhanced the learning culture and the spectrum keeps expanding with online classes for kids. It could be the best way to enable application-based learning for child development from the comfort and convenience of their home under adult supervision without hindering the school curriculum. It also helps them establish a productive relationship with technology and pique their interest in online coding.

Becoming life-long learners

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Most of us as adults understand and realize that everything we’ve ever learned in school has been of little use in our lives and in jobs. We invest more than fifteen years in education institutions only to realize that learning does not end there. Going beyond school is the way to prepare your little ones for the world in staggered steps ahead of time, so they can navigate their own path at their own pace and become innovative, creative thinkers who drive change and pursue learning as a process that never ends.

Reaching maximum potential

Some students can be commonly found to be more active than the rest and quick learners. The school curriculums are designed to accommodate each student with a generic consideration based on their age group. Some students, however, have more potential than the others and they can miss that window of exponentially excelling with not just academics but with their overall growth. It could result in  higher academic achievements but the graph of growth that could cross exceptional boundaries, remains stagnant. BeyondSkool is designed to help each student reach their true potential and boost their IQ, EQ, and CQ, helping them excel at academics and become lateral, creative, and critical thinkers.

The need for 21st Century skills

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The 21st Century skills include planning, structuring, organizing, strong communication skills, critical thinking, reasoning, cross-cultural understanding, optimizing technology – all of these skills can only be attained optimally with application-based learning starting at the age of 3 to help students survive and thrive in the world that will become in the years to come. Solving complex problems requires students to have fundamental skills like reading, writing, and Math along with the modern-day skills like teamwork, research, time management, sorting information and synthesizing it. These skills help them take charge of their own learning process with the help of mentors and teachers at every step of the way. Instead of being managed and directed for their homework and projects.


Why does my child need application-based subjects that are not covered in school?

School curriculum is designed to impart knowledge from the books and they prepare them for exams. Application-based learning with subjects like STEM, English and Communication help them leverage school subjects in the most effective way.

How can BeyondSkool help with my child’s development?

BeyondSkool is designed to accommodate the fundamental needs of the modern-day education that boosts IQ, EQ, and CQ in children, and drive them to become innovative and creative thinkers.

Can I enroll my child with BeyondSkool for offline classes?

BeyondSkool is an Academy for children and the classes are conducted online under the supervision of parents for maximum productivity and safety.

How do I enroll for a demo lecture online at BeyondSkool?

Take a free demo lecture with BeyondSkool for your child! Book a Free Demo

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