Why is it essential to join an online summer camp?

Why is it essential to join an online summer camp?

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It’s every parent’s concern: What’s the best way for the child to spend their free time during summer school breaks? To some, it’s a time for children to play and have fun. For some, it’s an opportunity for kids to polish their studies or fulfilling their hobbies but if  I say both of these can go hand in hand? Yes, you heard it right! Summer break is the only time when a child can add up their skills and learn extra knowledge outside their curriculum. Summer holidays are the foremost awaited time of fun and relaxation for every child. Kids get some happy time to spend with their members of the family and enjoy with them. The summer holiday is a golden period to motivate children to learn multiple activities. Whether it involves the art of storytelling and writing them, learning public speaking, learning mental math tricks and basics of coding, or learning speech, and dramatics. 

Online summer camp is a community where kids come together virtually to have fun along with learning new skills. Setting up such virtual camps not only utilizes your kid’s energy but also focuses on kids’ engagement and fun learning in a safe environment. There are many benefits we can discover about online summer camp, a few we will cover today.

Summer Camp is an excellent opportunity for your child to learn and try new things or deepen their knowledge in areas they enjoy. Let’s look at the advantages of enrolling your children in online summer school.

  • Enhance Leadership Skills –   Summer camps provide opportunities for early leadership development. During Summer camp activities, Kids can be divided into two or more groups, with one leader who has to manage, coordinate and lead the group towards winning. 
  • Skill Enhancement –  A great way to skip the monotonous routine of academics is to join some skill-based programs in Public Speaking and Coding. Not only will children have fun but even utilize this time as a learning opportunity.
  • Build Social Skills – Such camps give your children a chance to socialize. As a human, being social is our instinct, but children often don’t get the opportunity to make new friends. So this will surely help the child with their socializing skills. 
  • Boost Self Confidence – Confidence boosting activities assist children in self-recognition and realization. Such camps instill decision-making ability in them with no external interference. This ability increases their self-confidence and gives a boost to their personality.
  • Break from online games –  Constantly sitting at home, kids tend to see smartphones and video games for a longer time. The summer camp online has many benefits. The summer camp assigns a task to the children. In addition to that, they are encouraged and motivated to spend their free time on writing, reading, etc.
  • Fun while they learn –  The most influential factor for summer camp is that the kids must learn something while having fun. There are no recommended guidelines to be followed to learn something. Kids are free to process things in any way they see fit. 

BeyondSkool  is providing a fantastic opportunity by arranging a fun yet informative summer camp for your children because we believe children’s educational skills can be enhanced too along with the core subject knowledge. Wasting your summer vacation isn’t a good idea, so we have a tact solution for kids so that they can make their summertime enjoyable and productive with “BeyondSkool” online summer camp. We help children enhance their I.Q., E.Q., and C.Q. under a single platform. Let’s make virtual summer camp a part of your routine this summer. Register here

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