Tips for kids to develop public speaking skills

Tips for kids to develop public speaking skills

We’ve all stuttered nervously in front of an audience while giving a presentation, speech, or even while expressing our thoughts to the teachers in front of the entire class. When you meet someone for the first time, you notice how they speak and it reveals a lot about them. This is why the art of […]

Needs Of Today’s Students!

The Greek philosopher Heraclitus said, “Change is the only constant in life”, and how aptly it applies to the changing needs of students every generation over and over again is the one thing to stop and ponder upon. Once we understand this basis, only then can we, as parents, teachers and education enablers, find a […]

Real Life Application of Maths

“Will I really need this math concept in real life?”“When am I ever going to use math?”“Isn’t this math concept useless?” These and similar questions have been blurted out by students multiple times over the course of math learning in school. Applied Math is the answer to all those questions! It might seem like a futile exercise […]

How to improve your child’s communication skills

The outbreak of the pandemic was sudden, and we were not prepared for it. It brought in a lot of chaos along with it and was especially disruptive for a normal life. Everything being considered, how it affected the world- human life, and economy; the most incomprehensible has been its deep-rooted effect on children and […]

Why Measuring Teaching success is complicated!

Why Measuring Teaching success is complicated!

Teaching is a multifaceted and complex process. Teachers have to handle multiple responsibilities, functions, goals simultaneously and flexibly. It is also a constantly evolving process. An instructor needs to reflect and make adjustments, needing quite a lot of adapting. For teaching to be effective, there is a need to keep refining the process by self-reflection […]

7 Ways That Online Education Advances Learning

There is much debate about how effective online education is in comparison to in-person education. Moreover, few people also believe that in-person education is the only way to go about and do not give online education its due credit. There are no two doubts that online education has become a reality worldwide and has gotten […]

Are Indian students ready for international competition?

The dynamics of global future market is evolving faster than ever before in the 4th industrial revolution, all thanks to the incredible advancements made by automation and artificial intelligence — and this rate of change will keep on increasing exponentially within a passage of time. Amidst the face of technological advances and evolving business needs, […]

Early Age Education: From tutoring to application based learning

early childhood education

Introduction: Socrates once said, “Education is the kindling of a flame, not the filling of a vessel.” With this, Socrates revealed that the true goal of Education is to nourish and strengthen the learner’s capacity, rather than memorizing facts and information without any deeper thought on the matter. However, the habit of learning through practical […]